Yukarı Çık


Dalyan Village

Dalyan is located 2km north of Çeşme Centre. You can reach Dalyan by sea and land. With its houses, beaches, harbours, and people, it can be described as a typical fishing neighbourhood.

Dalyan, as many other districts of Aegean Region, hosted many civilizations for centuries. That’s why it historically comes into prominence.

One of the main reasons why Dalyan is preferred is that it is calmer in the summer months compared to other districts. Plenty of transportation opportunities and accommodation options, and its magnificent nature are the foremost reasons of the district’s preferability.

Whereas luxury and crowd dominate Çeşme’s streets; simplicity and peace prevail at Dalyan’s rough streets. Dalyan is one of the most important holiday destinations away from commotion, extremely peaceful, and communes with nature. With its deep blue sea, natural harbour, and natural beauties, it is among the most precious parts of Çeşme.

The cobblestones, lavenders and violets leaning out of balconies, the children playing outside, and the winds of Greek in Dalyan neighbourhoods warm you inside.

Nowadays, yachting and yacht tourism, the core elements of sea tourism, become more important. There are so many marinas in our country, because of its geographical position and nature. Both entertainment and business investments take place in Dalyan, Çeşme. Dalyan hosts many companies and holdings, thanks to its sheltered, safe marina.

If you want to dive in Çeşme, your compass should point Dalyan. It is one of the most suitable locations for scuba diving in pool or sea. There are many facilities and clubs providing scuba diving training in the district.

Dalyan is a natural environment where you can eat the most delicious and freshest fishes of Çeşme served together with grassy appetisers, and experience the city and country air together…

In the memory of Turgutreis -our famous Admiral who annexed the Mediterranean and Aegean to the Turkish territories-, a statue was erected in the centre of the district.